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Do you care for or know the caregiver or spouse of a pastor who struggles with depression? Are you a person of faith who struggles with depression? Do you feel or know someone who feels alone in this struggle?


Many people of faith, including pastors, struggle with depression. Some pastors are even leaving the pulpit altogether, or worse, committing suicide because of their struggle. Since mental health continues to be a taboo topic in the church, faith leaders refuse to seek mental health care services and instead hold in their pain or offload it on their spouse or significant other. So where does the spouse go, who is untrained, yet must take in all the issues affecting their loved one? Often, they go nowhere. They keep it all to themselves, grit and bear it and just scream…within.


This book will encourage and facilitate the development of mental health support communities within churches so that the scream within can become a scream without- without fear, without condemnation, without ridicule, without embarrassment.

The Scream Within Book

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